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A Bold Rebrand for a Collection Agency

A Bold Rebrand for a Collection Agency

We have been working closely with SynCom and are proud of the results. The new site launch will feature a re-envisioned logo that illustrates SynCom’s focus on Positive Consumer Experience, or “PCE”. Moving forward with this focus on positivity, Invenio created a completely new brand experience featuring SynCom as a company with a vision. 

The site will launch with updated functionality and focus—from what exactly they do to their unique philosophy and approach, users will be able to relate to SynCom on an engaging level. 

Here at Invenio, we are always happy to see the end result of our research, collaboration, and design. Take a look!


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The 2nd Annual Canopy Grand Opening Party — June 12th, 2014

The 2nd Annual Canopy Grand Opening Party — June 12th, 2014

As you might know, we office out of the Canopy, and we’re pleased to be one of the hosts for the “The 2nd Annual Grand Opening Party.” The studios, galleries, and creative spaces at Canopy debuted last year and almost immediately became the hub of creativity in East Austin. Last month Buildings 3 and 5 were completed and the Canopy community welcomed new faces in these amazing new studio/retail spaces.  

The 2nd Annual Grand Opening Party will be held on Thursday, June 12th, from 7 pm to 10 pm. Drinks will be provided by Deep Eddy Vodka, the El Cubico Taco Truck will be serving complimentary delicious bites from La Condesa, and GoodPop will be passing out cold treats. There will be a silent auction benefiting local non-profit LifeWorks, an Annie Ray Photo Booth, and music from DJ Khary Alexander of Dub Academy. Guests will be able to tour the studios and newly added retail spaces in all of the Canopy buildings.

Studios sponsoring the event include Big Medium, Son of a Sailor, Keith Kreeger Studios, Modern Rocks Gallery, Invenio, You’re Welcome Studios, No. 4 St. James, Pollen Floral Art, Matt Garcia Design, Women Printmakers of Austin, Revelator, Melissa Borrell Design, Lynn Brotman, Em Dash, Stephen Paul Connor, and Blue Genie Art. We are proud to expand Canopy’s presence as one of Austin’s most exciting creative spaces, and we hope you will join us for an evening celebrating this new chapter.

In our space, we’ll be featuring Nothing but a PigeonInked AnimalStephen Paul Connor, and Gert Johan Manschot. Come by and see us; we look forward to chatting with you!

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Hiring for Fall Marketing Interns

Hiring for Fall Marketing Interns

At Invenio, we all had terrible internships. We also had great ones where we were treated as adults, allowed to make high-level decisions, and gained real skills. We want to pass the same gift to you. Instead of this being a stressful place between school and that real job, we'll have you learning the real job stuff faster.

You'll get projects that matter, and we'll ask your opinion on how to move forward. We'll help you out when you need it, push you when you're close to something cool, and remind not to use all that school jargon in your client emails. 

So, you can get people coffee and cleanup someone else's spreadsheets, or you can get started on your career. What's it going to be?

It would be nice if you could do some of these things (and we'll teach you the rest): 

  • Plan for a campaign 
  • Buy ads 
  • Get aggressive about new business 
  • Code an email campaign 
  • Interpret analytics data 
  • Do research so our clients are better than everyone else 
  • Convince people to rent our studio when we're not using it 
  • Make social media a little less like social media 
  • Get people to come to our art gallery openings and parties

​Please send your professionally formatted cover letter and resume to Tell us what you know, what you want to know, and how much you're ready to learn. We look forward to meeting you!

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