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GAHCC Foundation First Trailer

The first trailer for the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is ready for action!

The Invenio creative team wanted to give the GAHCC a trailer that showcases their mission — to expand local businesses, encourage networking, and support the Hispanic community through one-on-one involvement. We worked out a creative strategy that emphasizes the organization’s impact over the last four decades while giving those who are new to the community a great reason to get involved.

We wrote and filmed the video — meanwhile getting to know the GAHCC members and the children that they mentor. In post-production, we wove together the footage to create a video that tells their story and makes us want to learn more: we think you’ll agree! Watch the trailer 
and let us know what you think.

For more information about our work with the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, take a look at our partnership with them and follow up with more information on their website.

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Carrie Contey Evolve 2014 — Cathrin

Here’s our first animation for Carrie Contey, a parenting and lifestyle expert who we have been working with here in the studio. Contey’s enigmatic personality inspired these creative clips. The challenge was to bring together her ideas, client stories, and creative characters. We recorded dialogue and put together original storyboards, colorful animation, and cohesive text to bring these stories to life.

Take a look at the first animation in the series, “Cathrin,” and her choice to come from a place of love with her four children. Look for more as we release them in the next week!

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Carrie Contey Evolve 2014 — Jennifer

Animation number two is live! Carrie Contey continues to inspire some of our most enjoyable work. Contey, a parenting expert with a penchant for creativity, has been working with Invenio to create original animations that explain her vision.

“Working with Carrie has been exciting from a creative standpoint,” says Keith Manlove, Invenio’s Creative Director.

The second animation, “Jennifer” shows a mom’s growing relationship with her teenage son.

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Helping Students Succeed with College Forward

College Forward focuses on getting students one-on-one support from eleventh grade through college graduation. With their recent expansion to Lone Star College-North Harris, College Forward wanted a fun, targeted way to get this great service out to the students who need it.

Working with untrained volunteer actors and staff on-location at the College Forward office, we put together a tight video with a clear message. Combined with an agressive email campaign and on-campus events, it's been a great tool for Lone Star College-North Harris students to get to know College Forward.

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Abel James en*theos Productivity Promo

We’ve done some work with en*theos through our client, Carrie Contey, so we were definitely excited to work with them more for this Abel James Productivity Promo video.

We did a half-day of shooting at Abel’s beautiful house and were really pleased with this fun video. Thanks again, Abel and en*theos!

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Hiring for Spring Production, Editing, and Animation Interns

Hiring for Spring Production, Editing, and Animation Interns

At Invenio, we all had terrible internships. We also had great ones where we were treated as adults, allowed to make high-level decisions, and gained real skills. We want to pass the same gift to you. Instead of this being a stressful place between school and that real job, we'll have you learning the real job stuff faster.

You'll get projects that matter, and we'll ask your opinion on how to move forward. We'll help you out when you need it, push you when you're close to something cool, and remind not to use all that school jargon in your client emails. 

So, you can get people coffee and cleanup someone else's spreadsheets, or you can get started on your career. What's it going to be?

It would be nice if you could do some of these things (and we'll teach you the rest): 

  • Light an on-location shoot 
  • Run a camera or audio on one of our commercials 
  • Animate a character you've created 
  • Maintain our two 600 square foot studios 
  • Touch up photos from a product shoot 
  • Workshop a script with a client 
  • Coordinate with an online marketing campaign
  • Produce and coordinate a short film production

​Please send your professionally formatted cover letter and resume to Tell us what you know, what you want to know, and how much you're ready to learn. We look forward to meeting you!

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