GAHCC Foundation First Trailer

The first trailer for the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is ready for action!

The Invenio creative team wanted to give the GAHCC a trailer that showcases their mission — to expand local businesses, encourage networking, and support the Hispanic community through one-on-one involvement. We worked out a creative strategy that emphasizes the organization’s impact over the last four decades while giving those who are new to the community a great reason to get involved.

We wrote and filmed the video — meanwhile getting to know the GAHCC members and the children that they mentor. In post-production, we wove together the footage to create a video that tells their story and makes us want to learn more: we think you’ll agree! Watch the trailer 
and let us know what you think.

For more information about our work with the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, take a look at our partnership with them and follow up with more information on their website.