Austin Involved

Inspiring Austinites to Discover, Donate, and Do

Fitting In With I Live Here, I Give Here

A volunteering initiative for young professionals, Austin Involved needed to be incorporated into the overall I Live Here, I Give Here brand. With the integration came concerns about how the brands would exist together. We made a smart combination of the two, preserving brand recognition with a color update while giving Austin Involved its own revamped website.

A New Site For A New Brand

Austin Involved needed a site as dynamic as the audience they’re looking to inspire — a clean, user-friendly design with lots of content functionality.

Their need for online voting, video hosting, archives, and member signup and payment were all easily integrated into the Content Management System we built for I Live Here, I Give Here.

Social Media For New Brands

We know how to best represent a brand on Facebook and Twitter, and how to grow both audience and engagement. We consult on content creation and best posting practices to help maximize visibility and impact with users.

A combination of rich content and on-the-ground methods of audience development were just what the new Austin Involved needed. Now the brand has some of the best in reporting, content, and advertising on Facebook and the web.

Captivating Photos and Video

Austin Involved’s mission is to inspire young professionals to get out, discover, donate and do — and nothing helps inspire better than photos and videos documenting this mission as it becomes reality.

We shoot on-location at Austin Involved’s events, capturing the nonprofit, volunteer spirit at its best.