Carrie Contey

Through her video series, Evolve, Carrie Contey shares the secrets to creating a happier and healthier community for parents. The life coach has spent the last 20 years gathering knowledge, inspiration, and tools to really help people build strong relationships with one another. With her consistent support, empathy, and faith, Carrie presents the necessary steps to a successful parenting journey.

Story-Driven Screenplay

Carrie inspires parents with children of all ages to grow healthy relationships with one another. So, we worked with her to write scripts that fully connected her stories with her audience members.

The process? We wrote, edited, wrote some more, and finally—created scripts that vividly describe Carrie’s main goal: to create a healthy community of like-minded parents that focused on family life.

Video Production

We were able to use our highly crafted screenplay to produce Carrie’s videos, where she shared her mission of transforming how people think about family life. Given a small budget, we made sure these videos were full of story driven content…

Design-Savvy Animations

Our team takes pride in producing design-savvy media—and we did just that for Carrie. With strategy in mind, we created several animations for the parenting coach’s website that depicted different topics that are featured through out the page.

Check out the animations in action!