Chaparral Foundation

Creating a Killer Brand

We pride ourselves on being able to build a brand from the ground up—and this was exactly what The Foundation needed. Focusing our energy and resources on building Chaparal’s brand identity, our design team created a memorable logo, making sure the legacy of the Foundation continued—not only through the founder’s descendants, but by the Foundation’s overall image, too. We even incorporated the roadrunner logo on their business cards…now that’s an image you won’t forget.


Updates On The Fly

The Foundation is busy improving their community, and doesn’t have time for making WordPress blogs. So, that’s where our expertise came into play, and we helped them design a successful site. Now, there able to update and change their site from several locations on the fly!

Website Design

The Chaparral Foundation needed a website that would continue to enhance their overall brand experience, as well as showcase the different communities they represent. The charitable foundation is now able to display photos from several regions through out Texas, Georgia, and New York.