Devona Ploeger

Displaying a Diverse Portfolio

Devona Ploeger is a makeup extraordinaire. The talented individual has professional experience in many different medias and wanted to make sure her vast array of work appealed to her diverse clientele.

With Devona’s input, we helped the artist display her portfolio in a way that showed clients her expertise in both traditional and professional makeup industries.

Retro Girl, Retro Logo

We designed a logo that is a true representation of Devona. Referring to herself as an 80’s girl, it was only appropriate that we incorporated a throwback retro design.


Social Media Strategy

Our social media strategy is tailored specifically to help Devona market herself to her unique clients, and help grow her user base. We produced quality content, including video clips and photograph stills, that streamed across several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, audiences can truly connect with the makeup connoisseur.