I Live Here, I Give Here

Making A Statement

When we first met with philanthropic organization I Live Here, I Give Here, their brand was in need of an update. Building off their established brand recognition was key, so we worked with their original color scheme, but created a new logo that put the personal statement of “I Live Here, I Give Here” at the forefront in a new visual way.

A Site That Inspires

I Live Here, I Give Here offers a variety of unique philanthropic programs. The challenge with revamping their website, then, was to bring everything together in a cohesive, well-branded manner. We came up with a completely new design to better showcase their programs and inform visitors to the site – all in a more streamlined, dynamic way.

The result? It’s become one of our most popular, commented on designs to date.

Moving Beyond Joomla

With a constant schedule of events, over 500 partners, video content and more, I Live Here, I Give Here is a fast-growing nonprofit with lots of data. Their original Joomla site just wasn’t meeting their growing needs.

So, we built a custom Content Management System that allows them to quickly feature any information on their site.

Social Media For New Brands

We know how to best represent a brand on Facebook and Twitter, and how to grow both audience and engagement. We consult on content creation and best posting practices to help maximize visibility and impact with users.

A combination of rich content and on-the-ground methods of audience development were just the boost I Live Here, I Give Here needed. Now the brand has some of the best in reporting, content, and advertising on Facebook and the web.

A Shoot That Inspires

What better way to showcase our photography skills than shoot I Live Here, I Give Here’s philanthropic events through out the year. We captured the spontaneous moments during these events, embracing their innovative and creative ideas.

Video Worthy of Giving — And Sharing

Over the last few years, we’ve created videos for over 100 Austin nonprofits–and the the views don’t stop at the city limits. These videos have been played over 22,500 times, across 250 domains and 150 countries.