Your Trainer

The Fitness App and Logo

We have been working with YourTrainer on the creation of their fitness app a little over a year now. The fitness experts offer a variety of personalized training plans, so we designed both desktop and mobile sites to showcase these programs— and to show user’s what the hype is all about.

From Social Media To Subscribers

Just like YourTrainer thrives in the world of fitness, we thrive in the world of social media. We helped the subscription based business optimize their subscribers’ experience through the use of social media and content marketing. Here, we were able to engage users and help the company reach their business goals.

Now, YourTrainer has even developed partnerships with several equipment brands.

"Train Smarter Not Harder"

Our marketing campaign, reached out to users  with a well-defined message, “Train Smarter Not Harder.” This innovative campaign idea targeted fitness gurus who were eager to have a training system personalized specifically to themselves.

Video Production

YourTrainer’s platform emphasizes how  you can train anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Specifically, we teamed up with the fitness company to help create workout videos that are featured on local hotel channels. These videos have powerful, interactive controls to make sure each training session is adapted to users individually.