Ornamental Things Site Launch

Ornamental Things Shopify Website Design

We’re very proud and excited to launch a new site for our favorite Austin jewelry maker, Ornamental Things. Natalie designs beautiful vintage-inspired pieces with modern techniques like CAD and 3D printing. We switched their site from BigCommerce to Shopify and gave it a facelift in the process.

We wanted to start with a beautiful flexible frame and designed a Shopify template that made the most of their CMS. This allows the team at Ornamental Things adjust content for their yearly sales calendar, integrate new photos, Instagram, and brand new content

Shopify offered a platform us to have built out store functionality without sacrificing design and functionality. We transferred 3250 products and reviews with original data and photos and lost no information. There’s no reason for businesses to feel stuck in their current hosting or store environments, so we’ve developed the most efficient transfer process to ease the process.

Natalie at Ornamental Things really had a mind for advertising, so we designed the site with online advertising and SEO in mind from the ground up. We also incorporated Mailchimp and transactional email to ensure that no purchase is lost.

Site Improvements

It’s a beautiful site, and we’re so happy to help out such a great brand!