YETI Coolers

We know that product videos are the best way for YETI to educate and promote their unique products. Here, Andrew Bosway discusses the many beneficial features of the Mollie Zinger—one of YETI’s most innovative accessories yet. Displayed on their website for everyone to see, this video has a whopping 20,000 views. Now, were talking numbers…

Product Photography

YETI is #BUIILTFORTHEWILD, but needed a place to photograph some of their coolest products yet. That’s why we provided them with our studios, which come fully equipped for photography and video production. Here, YETI took awesome shots of their newest products on the market, leaving customers eager to purchase.

Video Editing

YETI Coolers are built for serious outdoor enthusiasts, and it was  no simple task portraying this in their product videos.

But, our experts used Adobe Premium and Interchange editing softwares to make sure the brand lived up to the two brothers expectations’—creating a cooler that could be used for every day use.