Hiring For New Business Principal

Invenio is looking for a highly motivated, hands-on, go-getting real self-starter (and all the other things that make you click the back button on a job listing). The truth is, we like using our creativity and experience to make life a little easier for people, nonprofits, and businesses trying to be heard. That’s where you come in.

We’re a full service creative agency and production studio, and we do just about everything a client might need. “Everything” often means nothing to a new client, so we need someone like you to meet prospects, connect the dots along the way, and help us create more great work for new clients.

We’ll make you feel comfortable with a small base pay, and then we’ll reward you with a pretty nice commission schedule. Research? Happy to help. Proposal? We got it. Need help closing? Sounds good. We want you to prosper.


Your Job

Contact us at and let us know why you’d be a great fit. And we’ll get your resume and setup a meeting after that. Look forward to working with you!