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Rolled Paper Works By Jenn Hassin Opening

Join us at Canopy for quite an art-filled evening. Visit us for the opening of Jenn Hassin’s rolled paper works, enjoy some drinks, see both of our studios, and visit the four other gallery openings at Canopy that evening. Be sure to RSVP!

September 2nd, 2016 7PM – 10PM
916 Springdale Road
Austin, Texas 78705

Invenio – Rolled Paper Works by Jenn Hassin (RSVP)
Big Medium – Jonathan Faber
Bale Creek Allen – Formative Years by David Lyle
Modern Rocks – On The Bright Side by Sarah Frankie Linder
Art Science Gallery – Landry McMeans

Jenn Hassin’s Military Service Just One Inspiration for Her Art” at myStatesman

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